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Functional Characterization of the Versatile MYB Gene Family Uncovered Their Important Roles in Plant Development and Responses to Drought and Waterlogging in Sesame

Marie Ali Mmadi 1,2,3,†, Komivi Dossa 1,2,3,†, Linhai Wang 1, Rong Zhou 1, Yanyan Wang 1, Ndiaga Cisse 2, Mame Oureye Sy 3 and Xiurong Zhang 1,*

Received : 18 October 2017 ; Accepted : 29 November 2017 ; Published : 1 December 2017

Abstract :

The MYB gene family constitutes one of the largest transcription factors (TFs) modulating various biological processes in plants. Although genome-wide analysis of this gene family has been carried out in some species, only three MYB members have been functionally characterized heretofore in sesame (Sesamum indicum L.). Here, we identified a relatively high number (287) of
sesame MYB genes (SIMYBs) with an uncommon overrepresentation of the 1R-subfamily. A total of 95% of SIMYBs was mapped unevenly onto the 16 linkage groups of the sesame genome with 55 SIMYBs tandemly duplicated. In addition, molecular characterization, gene structure, and evolutionary relationships of SIMYBs were established. Based on the close relationship between
sesame and Arabidopsis thaliana, we uncovered that the functions of SIMYBs are highly diverse. A total of 65% of SIMYBs were commonly detected in five tissues, suggesting that they represent key
TFs modulating sesame growth and development. Moreover, we found that SIMYBs regulate sesame responses to drought and waterlogging, which highlights the potential of SIMYBs towards improving stress tolerance in sesame. This work presents a comprehensive picture of the MYB gene
family in sesame and paves the way for further functional validation of the members of this versatile gene family.

Keywords : abiotic stress ; gene expression ; MYB ; plant growth and development ; Sesamum indicum ; transcription factors