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Formation sur le BMS version 6 par Hermann SOME au CERAAS

In breeding programmes, a vast amount of data is produced every cropping season and often time is not enough to allow decisive breeding decisions on selection and planning for the next generation. Therefore, a support system is needed to integrate all processes in a breeding programme to maximize benefit. The Breeding Management System (BMS) is the core product of the Integrated Breeding Platform (IBP), presenting an exhaustive array of interrelated breeding informatics and related databases. The BMS allows users to conduct queries across data (phenotype and genotype) andmanage breeding activities in a very user-friendly and efficient way.
The BMS is available to breeders, particularly those in developing countries by proper dissemination through the IBP itself or Regional Hubs to bring the tools close to users. The role of these Hubs is to strengthen local crop breeding capacity by providing technical support, specific crop expertise and personalised training for breeders in their regions, having themselves adopted IBP tools and practices to manage their day-to-day activities.
The latest BMS Server edition not only represents a major improvement in terms of functionality and usability for users but, more importantly, is also bringing about a revolution in terms of sharing data within and between institutions, and of ensuring that data are retained and used beyond individual projects. Specific deployment objectives include :
• To introduce the BMS Server edition and provide technical support in its use (v6), including embedded modules such as Breeding View ;
• To provide training and support as part of the capacity building component of the IBP Hub mission, for a broader adoption and use of the BMS v6 in the overall Breeding Programmes at ISRA (CERAAS, CNRA and CRA Saint Louis) ;
• To develop a social network as an avenue in providing feedback and receiving new feature requests from users on how to improve the system ;
• To prepare the data migration process from the Desktop version to the the Server version at the institutional level, collecting programme backups, planning for the migration process, etc.
In line with these objectives, ISRA-CERAAS, an IBP Regional Hub, is organising a training onsite for the implementation of the BMS Server v6 in Thies, Senegal. The objective of the training is to support the breeders and technicians in plant breeding at ISRA (CERAAS, CNRA, CRA Saint Louis, and CDH Dakar) with the use and deployment of the BMS, digitised data collection, and statistical analysis.

Target group for the Training
Key informations on the prospective trainees :
• Expected numbers : around 20 participants from CERAAS Thies, CNRA Bambey and ISRA CRA Saint Louis and CDH Dakar.
• Levels of skill in BMS : trainees have knowledge on BMS 3.0.9 standalone version.
• Educational levels : PhD, MSc (Breeders and technicians in diverse crops).
• Previous training : some other trainings on BMS 3.0.9 in the past.
3. Training objectives and expected outputs and outcomes
The main training objective is to help trainees to acquire more knowledge and skills on IBP, Breeding Management System (BMS) v6 server and begin implementation of BMS v6 at breeder
level in CERAAS, CNRA and CRA Saint Louis.

By the end of the training course, the participants will be strengthen with knowledge and skills on using BMS, i.e. :
• Seed Inventory functionality ;
• Studies ;
• Advance from trials and analysis ;
• Crossing tool integration with Nurseries ;
• Crossing Diary ;
• Import experimental design ;
• BV interoperability / License management and data analysis ;
• Integration with KSU FieldBook ;
• Unique plot id ;
• Germplasm management ;
• Pagination, Select All, Stock Id ;
• Fixing lines, Coding and Grouping tools ;
• New administration tools ;
• Permissions ;
• Configuration and customization.

Training approach
The team of the IBP will conduct the training. The participants will benefit from
intensive, interactive hands‐on training on BMS v6 server during which they will implemented their own programme. During the training, we will have some PowerPoint presentation, sometime video presentation and practical session for each participant.
A good Internet connectivity is needed during the training in all time, as the BMS v6 server is hosted in the cloud. Each participant must have a computer with some requirements for BMS installation.

Minimum system requirements
1) 4 GB RAM
2) 1 GHz i3 core
3) 250 GB hard disk
Recommended system requirements
1) 8 GB RAM
2) 2 GHz dual core
3) 500 GB hard disk
Supported Browsers
1) Internet Explorer 8 and above
2) Firefox 20 and above
3) Google Chrome 27 and above

5. Date and venue of the training

• The training will be held from 09 to 11 October 2017 in the meeting room of CERAAS-
Thies, Senegal.

• Each participant will be responsible for his accommodation
• Coffee break and lunch will be offered during the 3 days training
6. Organizing Committee
Tiare William Hermann Some (CT-IBP CORAF-CERAAS) :
Gorgui Alioune Mbow (Regional Deployment Manager, WCA) :
Daniel Fonceka (Scientific Coordinator) :
Ndiaga Cisse (Director CERAAS) :